Patrimonio librario antico

Early Fund (Patrimonio Librario Antico)

The Early Fund includes manuscripts and printed works published until 1830. It grew around the original collection of Palermo's Collegium Maximum and other Jesuit colleges in the Val di Mazara and the Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco; to this were added the contents of the libraries of 18 among Augustinian, Basilian, Benedictine, Carmelite, Dominican, Franciscan, and Gregorian convents, taken over after the suppression of the religious orders in 1867. The collection was later augmented with works donated by, or purchased from, illustrious Sicilian literary men, jurists and scientists. The Early Fund includes 1,136 incunabula, over 7,000 16th-century editions, about 85,000 printed works from the 17th century to 1830, as well as prints, maps and photographs.