Norme per le donazioni

Donation Rules


Collections of material to be donated must:


- be compatible with the nature of the Library, particularly if adding to the existing collections or bridging gaps in the existing funds


- have an undisputed historical and cultural importance


- be in a good state of conservation (rare volumes in poor state of repair will be subject to special evaluation criteria)


- fall within the area of Sicilian Studies, particularly if the items are rare or out of commerce


- be of a size compatible with available shelf space


- not be duplicate items, unless they constitute material of special conservation interest and/or in regular demand


The collections only partly satisfying these requirements will be submitted to selection by the Library. In this case, the donor could either withdraw the offer or allow the Library to exchange the unselected material with other agencies and institutions.


Important large-sized donations will be stored in the Library's depository under the donor's name, by which the entire donation will be identified.